Top 25+ Mind-Blowing DIY Robotics Projects Ideas For Students In 2023

In this modern scenario, every student is tech-savvy and wants to make more advanced projects. It could be only possible with various robotics project ideas. If you want to know about mind-blowing and creative ideas, let’s know here.

Now, robotics is included in the highly used technologies that deal with applications of robots, design, and working. It is too vital for information processing and robotic project control. Robotics may sound incredible and latest, referring to robots or machines with mechanical components.

Moreover, you know that robotics technology is growing, and you can spot various uses in many industries. Let’s understand the most popular robotics project ideas for those students and enthusiasts who love robotics.

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Creative Robotics Projects Ideas For Beginners

Follow the exciting robotics projects ideas below for beginners with research topics you should try.

1. Virtual Telepresence Robot

The simple meaning of the virtual telepresence robot using raspberry Pi is that it is the best wheeled and remote-controlled device. You can use it with wireless internet connectivity and control it anywhere. Generally, the robot operates with a mobile phone or tablet to give audio and video capabilities with access.

These are the following basic components of Virtual telepresence robots using Raspberry Pi;

  • The telepresence robot cost is not too high. Let’s see below the different telepresence robots’ costs with their advantages.
Telepresence robotTelepresence robot using Raspberry Pi PriceTelepresence Robot Camera Advantages
1. Meeting Owl Pro 360$999Field of View: 360°, Output Resolution: 1080p HD, etc.
2. Ohmni Robot$2,6994K HD Wide angle camera
3. AvaN/AHD video conferencing up to 1080p
4. Double 3$4,499Two 13MP cameras
  • The telepresence robot’s names are Kubi Classic by Kubi, Ava by Ava Robotics, Meeting Owl Pro 360, Ohmni Robot by OhmniLabs, Double 3 by Double Robotics, etc.
  • Apart from this, the virtual telepresence robot project report is suitable for affordable robotics projects. It is controlled with a tablet, computer, or smartphone, letting those who contend with the robot hear and view the robot’s user while the operator can view what the robot hears the sound and is “looking” at its location.
  • You can use the virtual telepresence robot for ppt. It is an excellent Virtual Telepresence Robot used with the Raspberry Pi fun project. It is best for fun activities.
  • The telepresence robot example is LEGO Mindstorms EV3, educational robots, industrial robots, collaborative robots (Cobots), domestic robots, medical robots, etc.
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2. Arduino Robot Car

The Arduino robot car is one of the remote-controlled cars that control by using the android smartphone. You can install the Arduino RC application on your mobile phone and operate the Arduino UNO. It is designed with a servo motor, batteries, ultrasonic sensor, motor driver, and an exclusive sensor. The smartphone-controlled multipurpose robot car cost is lower than other robotics project ideas.

3. Warfield spying robot

It included the best fun robotics project ideas. You can use the Warfield spying robot very quickly, and it comes with a night vision capability wireless camera. Moreover, its other features are designed with optical sensors, the best robotic vehicle. It is a master robot that uses the slave robot for control.

4. Soccer Robot

This machine can dribble and kick a soccer ball, but not quite as well as Messi or Ronaldo. You can create several of these and have a robot soccer match since they are all controlled by a smartphone through a wireless Bluetooth link. The soccer robot project design is too outstanding. Its included in the best Robotics Projects Ideas.

The sport of robot soccer serves as a good proving ground for MAS technology. Each team of robots is working toward the same objective: scoring goals for themselves while preventing the other team from achieving them. Cooperation and action coordination through dialogue are essential.

5. Line Following Robotic Vehicle

As the name indicates, the line follower robot is an autonomous vehicle that follows a pre-existing visual line on the ground. Simply put, a line follower robot is an autonomous vehicle programmed to follow a predefined path defined by an on-the-ground line.

The line follower robot is a wheeled device that can see a painted line and move along a straight path. The route is often predetermined and may be either obvious—like a black line on a white surface with a high contrasting color—or hidden—like a magnetic field.

Robotics projects ideas for engineering students

Follow the below given innovative robotics projects ideas. It’s all suitable for engineering students. Let’s follow the list of robotics projects.

1. Thermal vision robotic RC tank

The thermal vision robotic raspberry pi robot RC tank has an ultrasonic sensor, stepper motor, and motion detection features. It is an Autonomous Robot with a robot arm and tank. Moreover, it includes the best robotics projects ideas because it is a low-cost, comprehensive vehicle.

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2. IoT dog daycare

The IoT projects are included in the best robotics projects ideas. It is the best pet monitoring robot and wobbly robot with auto-feeding and remote surveillance. Moreover, you can use the IoT dog daycare with a wireless connection, allowing you to check your pets anywhere.

3. Programmable Arduino Robotic Arm

The programmable arduino robotic arm is designed by using the smartphone controller. It has a broad range of industrial applications in industrial automation. A robotic arm’s primary component is its ability to understand the motions coded with a drone programming language. It is designed with digital control and electronic sensors. It’s the best robotics project that comes with source code.

4. Solar Panel Cleaner Robot

The solar panel cleaner robot is also included in the best robotics projects ideas. It comes with a water tank, accelerometer sensors, STEM activity, autonomous control, etc. Moreover, this cleaner robot project uses a roller brush and water jets to clean the solar panels and control their battery holder efficiency.

5. DIY Wall Climber Robot For Glass Cleaning

The DIY wall climber robot is designed for glass cleaning with the help of a vacuum suction motor. You can use the step-by-step instructions in the user manual guide. It is used with the electronic circuit. The Wall climber robotic project is too easy to make for human intervention and is built-in with Raspberry Pi.

Simple robotics projects ideas for high school students

Follow the below-given robotics project ideas to know the best robot ideas for the future of the high school and middle-level learners. List of Robotics Project Ideas with mini projects on robotics:

1. DTMF Controlled Robot without Microcontroller

The main objective of the DTMF-controlled robot project is to use the impeccably DTMF (Dual tone multi-frequency) technology. You can operate a robotic vehicle by using a mobile phone. Moreover, it’s more beneficial for industrial applications and surveillance systems.

2. PC-Controlled Human Detection Robot

It’s included in the best robotics projects ideas for students. The goal of the PC-controlled person detection robot project is to use a microcontroller unit and infrared sensors to identify and authenticate human presence in a robotic vehicle. It is beneficial in the time of earthquakes to detect the personnel.

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3. Mobile Robots with Arduino UNO Board

Electronics, technicians, and computer programming are all accessible subject matter with the Arduino Robot. It’s like a small computer on wheels. It is an effective robotics platform that can be hacked to carry out a wide variety of jobs, and it comes with several project samples you can copy.

4. Obstacle-Avoiding Robot

The obstacle-avoiding robot can avoid obstacles and move autonomously. When it hits a barrier, it pauses and steps back. Then it looks left and right and pushes the best path, either left if there is another obstruction on the right or right if there is another obstacle on the left. It is a metal detector robotic vehicle. Obstacle-avoiding robots are the foundation of many significant projects, including automatic autos, factory robots, and spaceship robots.

5. GreenHouse Managing Robot

It is one of several essential projects for agricultural engineering students. This project regulates light and temperature/humidity. A greenhouse-traveling robot carries this component. This cutting-edge agriculture project has three main aspects. The third major component is robotic path-following automation. It is a metal detector robot. Temperature and light measurements will be shown. We will utilize many sensors hooked into an ADC to provide the user with important information.

Robotics projects ideas for kids

Follow the below-given list of projects. It is the best robotics projects ideas for the kid. 

  • Leaping Robot Frog
  • Robot Car or Traffic Light DIY Kit
  • 3D printing or Robotics Car Kit
  • Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Design of a Surface Cleaning Robot
  • Four-Legged Walking Robot
  • Bipedal Robot
  • Propeller Car or ELEGOO Smart Robot Car
  • OJO STEM Board Games
  • Line Follower Roboa
  • Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor
  • Kangokids Robotics Kit
  • GSM Mobile Phone Controlled Intelligent Robot
  • Kangokids Robotics Kit

What are the 5 Primary Areas of Robotics?

The main areas of robotics are given below.
Operator interface.
Manipulators & Effectors.
Mobility or locomotion.
Sensing & Perception.

In a nutshell (robotics projects ideas)

In this blog, we are explaining the best robotics projects ideas. The given list will help you upgrade your skills in robotics. These fun learning kits help kids, beginners, and advanced learners to put their feet ahead.

At Moonpreneur, we have detected that. Following the above robotic project ideas, the students excelled and designed projects such as Obstacle Avoiding Robot, a Wheeled robot, Autonomous Underwater Robot, Home Buddy, an Automatic Wall Painting Robot, a thisrobotics engineering project, and Water Bottle Reminder, etc.

It is all about figuring out your hidden skills and channeling them in the correct direction. And these given ideas will surely help in your journey.

Frequently Asked Question

Which are the robotic low-budget project?

The low-cost robotics projects are Sensor Guided Robotics, 3D Printed Robot, Robotic Arm Controlled by Touch Screen Display, Stair Climber Robot, etc.

What Should I do to build a robot project?

After understanding the scientific project’s purpose, you may start working.
Step 1: Choose the robot platform.
Step 2: Select robot actuation.
Step 3: Gather the materials.
Step 4: Gather components.
Step 5: Programming.

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