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Top 7 Interesting Uses Of JavaScript: One should know in 2022

Are you a daily social media user or online shopper? If yes, you must have seen the Twitter feed or amazon search bar, respectively. But did you know that JavaScript develops both of them? Do you imagine that these are some of the uses of JavaScript? 

Maybe not. 

But yes, it is. 

You are surely curious about the things developed by Javascript & the Uses of Javascript, but don’t know about that. Then let’s take a deep dive with this article. 

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a text-based cross-platform, interpreted, and object-oriented language. JavaScript is used for client-side & user-side developments and is also known for developing web pages. It is used to engage a user because it allows interactive web pages. JavaScript has a library of objects like – Array, Math, and Date & also a set of language elements like – operators, statements, control structures. 

Note:–   Client-side In Web- Development, the client-side means everything that happens in a web application or is displayed on the user device or what users see like – text, image, or any application performed on the user browsers. 
Server-sideLike the client-side, the server-side means everything that happens on the server. It includes – rendering dynamic web pages, identity authentication, interacting with databases, and push notifications.

Why Use JavaScript Over Other Programming Languages?

Before going through the uses of JavaScript, Let’s take a look at the reasons why Javascript is used over other programming languages. 

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Support Browsers

The biggest advantage of Javascript is that it can support all types of modern browsers & produce similar results. If you use other programming languages like- Python, they don’t support modern browsers( but support only Grail browsers.). Python is known for the Backend-server side language. 


JavaScript is an interpreted language; that’s why it has faster performance than other programming languages like Python. It reduces the time & speeds up the performance of the program. 

Server Load

Javascript is recommended for servers in most cases because it operates on the client-side data. The data validation in JavaScript is possible in browsers themselves. However, Python is recommended for backend development.

Some additional reasons for the uses of Javascript over other languages:

=> Interoperability
=> Simplicity 
=> Less Overhead
=> Versatility
=> Extended Functionality 
=> Rich Interfaces

Top 7 uses of JavaScript that makes it so popular

As you know a little about the JavaScript above, you surely are curious about the uses of JavaScript. Let’s discuss the Uses of JavaScript briefly. Some Uses of JavaScript are shown in the following image:

Web application:

It is one of the amazing uses of JavaScript. There is continuous improvement in modern browsers, and JavaScript makes it easy to create a web application. Let’s understand this by taking an example of Google Maps. If any user searches a location in Google Maps, they are just required to drag and click the mouse, and the results are visible with just one click. This is how JavaScript works behind the scenes. Gmail, AOL & Yahoo are some web applications made by JavaScript. 

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Mobile Applications:

Do you know that the world’s most popular social media platform Facebook is built using JavaScript, and quite a few with React(js library)? 

Maybe not. 

But yes, the uses of JavaScript make it a robust tool for creating Mobile applications. Earlier, it seemed challenging to make an app for a different operating system like android and IOS. But with JavaScript and react-native, this task can be easily done for different operating systems. 

Web Development:

Do you ever use Amazon or Yahoo search bar? If yes, then do you know that these two are built using JavaScript. The uses of Javascript is so popular that every modern website uses JavaScript to a certain extent. JavaScript allows to add dynamic behavior & helps to execute complex actions on a web page.  

Smartwatch Apps:

This time smartwatches are in trend, and everyone loves to wear a smartwatch and use its features. But only a few know that creating an app for the smartwatch is also one of the uses of JavaScript. 

Do you know about Pebble? If not, then Pebble is a smartwatch-making company. It has made a pebble.js, JavaScript framework that allows users and developers to create an app for watches in JavaScript. 


It is one of the uses of JavaScript. Do you play tower building or swoop games? Do you ever think that JavaScript is used for creating games? 

Absolutely not!

But it is.

JavaScript creates both of these games. It has numerous libraries & frameworks for creating games in 2D or 3D. 


If you want a presentation like a website, it is created using JavaScript. JavaScript has a library, Reveal.js, for making the presentation. But you only use it if you are familiar with HTML or CSS.

Web server:

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With JavaScript, it can be easier to create a web server. A web server is created using node.js. Are you familiar with the term node.js?

Node.js is an event-driven JavaScript runtime environment. It enables the development of a fast web server in JavaScript & not waiting for the responses of the previous calls. Node hello world is an example of a web server. 


You surely are amazed with these uses of Javascript. JavaScript is a popular language used by most companies & also used by Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Paypal, etc. In this blog, we discussed various uses of JavaScript. But not only these, JavaScript has numerous other uses that help improve the performance of web pages. 

If you want to know other amazing uses of Javascript, check out our Javaassignmenthelp or let me know through your comment. I’ll share another detailed topic with you. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is the advantage of using JavaScript?

  • JavaScript is an easy-to-learn language.
  • It is working everywhere on the web.
  • It operates on the client-side server, that’s why it is very fast.
  • JavaScripts support all types of modern browsers.
  • It can create a rich interface. 
  • Because of the client-side server, it reduces the demand on the website servers. 

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an event-driven JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to use JavaScript. It can be used for both frontend and backend applications.

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