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What are the Uses of Javascript in 2021

Javascript programming is not limited to client-side web development anymore. Instead, It offers a wide range of applications. Students who are new to learning Javascript are often confused about the applications of Javascript. They generally search for what are the uses of Javascript on the internet. Therefore, in this blog, we will describe all the uses of Javascript in detail. JavaScript is simple to learn, and it does not require any installation before you can begin creating code. It has the world’s largest open-source package repository (npm) and a variety of frameworks and libraries. Undoubtedly, becoming a JavaScript programmer is one of the best profession choices you can make in 2021. 

Before answering what are the uses of Javascript, let’s first see the basic introduction of Javascript.

Introduction of Javascript

JavaScript is a scripting language that was designed to be used on the client-side of web browsers. Brendan Eich developed JS in 1995. It was only used for browser-based programming at the time. JavaScript has exceeded Java, Flash, and other languages in popularity since its inception because it is simple to learn, has a large and active community, and, most importantly, is extremely useful. The majority of the features that make the Internet incredibly interactive and easy to use are written in JavaScript. For example, websites can load data without reloading the entire page, and YouTube provides search results depending on a few letters typed.

What are the Uses of Javascript

The following information will give you the detailed answer of “what are the uses of Javascript”.

Front-End Web Development

JavaScript can be used to make dynamic and interactive web pages. Altogether with HTML and CSS, it improves functionality and user experience. Web pages can dynamically update themselves in response to user queries with the help of Javascript. This eliminates the need to reload or refresh the page. If you only use HTML or CSS, you won’t be able to achieve this level of functionality. For example, the functionality of infinite scrolling that we see in shopping websites and social media websites is created with JavaScript.

Back-end Web Development

Back-end web development, often known as server-side development, deals with the components of the website that users do not see. Databases, file servers, APIs, cloud services are all back-end parts of a website. Thanks to Node.js, a JavaScript runtime engine, you can now utilize JavaScript for back-end Web development as well. Expressjs, Koa, Fastify are examples of JavaScript frameworks that are created to make back-end web development much easier. For example, twitter lite uses Nodejs for back-end functionality.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the process of building software for a mobile device. Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the most popular languages for developing mobile apps. No one expected javascript to be used for native mobile app development; it was like a dream come true. However, with the release of Facebook’s React Native, it is now feasible to create apps using javascript. For example, Facebook,Skype, Instagram, Tesla uses react native for their mobile apps.

Game Development

Games are one of the most enjoyable projects to work on because they may be enjoyed by both you and the end-user. Depending on the complication of the game, there are several ways to create it with JavaScript. Using vanilla javascript along with HTML and CSS, you can create simple 2D games from scratch. However, for complex games, you can use JavaScript game engines to make efficient and faster games easily. These game engines are advantageous since they require less coding to produce the desired outcomes. Phaser Js, Babylon Js, and LimeJs are examples of these engines. Some popular games that are developed with JavaScript are-

  • Underrun
  • OnOff.
  • Konnekt.
  • Offline Paradise
  • Super Chrono Portal Maker
  • Raven, etc.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms are now commonly written in mainstream web-scripting languages, which is common among developers. For this purpose, the JavaScript libraries TensorFlow.js and MI.js are very popular. JavaScript is used in the majority of machine learning algorithms that are created nowadays.


Using JavaScript tools like Reveal JS, Owl JS, and Swiper JS, you can easily construct amazing carousels and sliders on a webpage. You may quickly and easily alter the appearance of your webpage with these libraries.

Deep Learning

Deep learning frameworks Brain.js and Deeplearn.js help web browsers to remember user actions, preferences, and other information. Many deep learning methods and techniques have been developed by researchers, with JavaScript as the primary language.

Smartwatch Apps

Yes, you read it right. Javascript is also used to develop smartwatch applications. Pebble, a well-known smartwatch maker, has released Pebble.js. It’s a straightforward JavaScript framework that lets developers create JavaScript apps for Pebble smartwatches.

What should I learn first Java or JavaScript?

If you are aiming to master JavaScript then you don’t need to learn Java for that. Both Java and JavaScript are entirely different from each other. These languages only share a similarity between names otherwise nothing is common in both of them. JavaScript is majorly used for web development. Whereas, Java’s application domain is bigger than Javascript. Moreover, learning JavaScript is much easier than Java. Therefore, if you are planning to learn Javascript, you don’t need to learn Java first. However, if you already have a good knowledge of java, then learning javascript will be easy peasy for you.


In this blog, we have provided a detailed answer to the question what are the uses of Javascript. JavaScript is a multipurpose programming language that is used in a variety of fields. Hopefully, after reading this blog, you got a clear understanding of what are the uses of Javascript.

Apart from the uses of Javascript, if you have any confusion in programming or you need help with Javascript, you can talk to our experts anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Javascript?

High Speed, Less Server Load, Simplicity, Interoperability, huge community support, creating rich interfaces are the main advantages of Javascript. 

Does JavaScript have a future?

Yes, JavaScript has a very bright future as well. Javascript is so much used in web development that we can undoubtedly refer to it as the powerhouse of the Internet. Currently, JavaScript is one of the most demanded and popular languages. And, it will grow more in the future. Therefore, JavaScript has a very bright future.

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