An Ultimate Guide on The Uses of MATLAB In Real Life

Commonly we can use Matlab as a tool for simulating numerous electrical networks. It is noteworthy that the recent development in Matlab makes it a very competitive tool for Robotics, Wireless communication, Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Image processing. Generally, lots of people use Matlab in different ways. In this blog, we will discuss everything about Matlab in detail, including the Top 11 Beneficial Uses Of Matlab In Real Life.

Definition Of Matlab

Matlab is the best fourth-generation programming. It is mainly designed for scientists and engineers to design and analyze products and systems to transform our world.

It is also one of the high-performance and most powerful programming languages as it is also used in technical computing. It is designed to solve all types of problems that include mathematics notations. The Matlab language is considered the heart of Matlab. 

Basic Features Of MATLAB

Here we have mentioned some basic features of Matlab that one should know:-

  • Function handles
  • Structures
  • Classes and object-oriented programming
  • Variables
  • Vectors and matrices
  • Functions

Benefits Of Using Matlab

Most of the people seem confused about the uses of Matlab. But you should also know the benefits of using Matlab. Mentioned below are some benefits of using Matlab:-

  • With the use of Matlab, you can develop an application with a graphical user interface.
  • One can test and implement their algorithms easily with Matlab.
  • Matlab creates images and simulation videos easily.
  • It performs comprehensive data visualization and data analysis
  • Matlab uses a vast database of built-in algorithms. 
  • By using Matlab, you can develop the computational codes easily and quickly. 
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Top 11 Beneficial Uses Of Matlab In Real Life 

As we already discussed that the Matlab is designed for scientists and engineers. Difference peoples used Matlab for different works. Here we have mentioned the top 11 uses of Matlab:-

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Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are called to those computer systems that consist of software and hardware components. Embedded systems are designed for doing some specific tasks. Printers, Cameras, Washing Machines, Automobiles, Industrial Machines, etc., are examples of embedded systems. By using Matlab, one can easily generate code and run it on hardware easily and quickly. 

Control systems

Another one of the best uses of Matlab is that it provides complete control to the systems and devices. Commonly a control system is responsible for giving commands, managing, and regulating the behavior of other systems or devices. It is generally based on control loops.

From simple home hearts to large-scale industrial control, all the systems or devices are controlled using Matlab. Matlab includes a control system toolbox that provides apps and algorithms for systematically designing and analyzing liner control systems. 

Digital signal processing

Digital signal processing uses digital processing by specialized digital inguinal processors or computer systems to perform a wide range of signal processing operations. Matlab makes it easy for you to use signal processing techniques to analyze time-series data. It also gives you a unified workflow for the development of streaming applications and embedded systems. 

Wireless communications

Wireless communication is a vast term that is used to connect two different devices with wireless signals. As we all know, there are numerous uses of Matlab in the field of engineering. Generally, many wireless engineers use Matlab to eliminate design problems early, reduce development time, and streamline testing and verification.

Image processing and computer vision

Image processing is considered a process that focuses on raw images and makes them ready for numerous other tasks like computer vision. On the other side computer vision mainly looks at images such as the human eye. It also includes predicting and understanding the visual output.

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Undoubtedly the algorithm building plays the most important role in image processing and computer vision. As there are so many uses of Matlab, one of the most useful things about Matlab is that it provides you with the best environment to analyze images and build algorithms.

Internet of Things

The network of vehicles, home appliances, devices, and others embedded with software, actuators, electronics, sensors, and connectivity that enables data exchange is called the Internet of Things. Matlab allows you to design, deploy and prototype, IoT applications such as operations optimization, predictive maintenance, supervisory control, etc. 

FPGA Design and Codesign

Matlab allows one to codesign hardware software as it provides HDL code generation and C/C++ with targeted support for programmable SOC devices.  


The technology of mechanical engineering and combining electronics is called Mechatronics. Generally, mechatronic systems need integrating mechanical, control, electrical, and embedded software subsystems. One of the most important uses of Matlab is that it allows you to design and simulate all this in a single environment. 

Test and Measurement

Testing and Measurement is when electronic devices are subjected to a range of tests that start from physical tests to identify all types of physical defects to the product level functional testing. Generally, Matlab provides you with the tools that are required to acquire and automate tasks. Once anyone acquires data, they can easily explore it and perform live data analysis and data visualization. 

Computational Biology and Computational finance

The study of biological data is called computational biology. It is the main objective to have a better understanding of the biological system and its relationship. On the other hand, computational finance is the science of studying financial modeling and financial data.

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With the use of Matlab, you can easily solve ordinary differential equations that model biological behavior. It is also noteworthy that Matlabs computational finance suite enables us to make quantitative apps for investment management, risk management, insurance, and econometrics. 


Robotics includes mechanical engineering, computer science, and electronic engineering, to create human-like machines or robots. Robotics is an interdisciplinary area of engineering and science. In Robotics engineers and research, Matlab is used to design and tune algorithms, automatically generate code, and model real-world systems- all from one software environment.


We have already discussed everything about Matlab, including the Top 11 Beneficial Uses Of Matlab In Real Life in detail. So we hope that our blog will become very useful for you and it will also clear all your uncertainties regarding it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MATLAB’s full form?

Matlab is the short form of MATrix LABoratory. Matlab was originally written to provide easy access to matrix software developed by the Eigensystem package(EISPACK) and Linear system package(LINPACK) projects.

Why is MATLAB useful?

Matlab is considered one of the best high-performance programming languages for technical computing. Generally, Matlab integrates visualization, programming, and computation in an easy-to-use environment where it expresses different problems and solutions in a very familiar mathematical notation.

Along with this, Matlab is known as one of the most important interactive systems, consisting of basic data elements in an array that doesn’t require dimensioning. Therefore it allows us to solve numerous technical computing problems.

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