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What are The Uses Of R Programming Language in Different Industries

In the Digital world, students are worried about whether to learn the R programming language or not. For such students, here is the overview of how vast this language’s uses are.

Around the world, millions of researchers and data scientists use R language to take care of their most complex problems in the fields ranging from statistical science to comprehensive marketing.

R Programming language has developed into the most predominant language for data science and a foundational method for Finance and analytics-driven companies, for example, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Now you can guess what salary packages you can get in the coming years. 

But, before moving on to different uses of the R programming language let’s understand what exactly is an R programming language, its libraries, and its features.

What is R Programming Language?

R is a programming language that is developed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1993. R programming is a scripting language that supports many methods of mathematical analysis.

It is an open-source programming language with broad support from the community. R programming language is easy to read and implement. One can also call it Statistical Programming Language.

R gives a wide variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modeling, time-series analysis, classical statistical tests, classification, clustering, etc.) and graph techniques and is extremely extensible.

If we take a look at its notoriety, the R language is the hands-down winner and top choice for statistics. Besides, R programming languages have more blogs, chat forums, and mailing lists than any other SAS tool.

Most R libraries are written in R, but C, C++, and Fortran codes are best for heavy computational jobs. Also, it comes under the highest salary packages giving language.

Why Use R programming?

R is one of the most commonly used programming languages for Data Science. R has a number of modern features that have helped it become one of the most common languages.

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R programming language has a number of features that have aided in its general success. We’ll take a look at some of R’s special features in this article:

  • Open-source
  • Strong Graphical Capabilities
  •  Highly Active Community
  • A Wide Selection of Packages
  • Comprehensive Environment
  • Can Perform Complex Statistical Calculations
  • Distributed Computing
  • Running Code Without a Compiler
  • Interfacing with Databases
  • Cross-platform Support

Uses of R programming Language

Uses of R programming Language in Research & Academics

Cornell University

Cornell recommends using R for all their research involving statistical computing to its researchers and students.


R used by the University of California, Los Angeles, to teach its students statistics and data analysis.

Uses of R programming Language In IT sector


Mozilla uses R to monitor web activity for its Firefox browser.


Microsoft uses R within the Azure Machine Learning system as a statistical driver. They use it for the operation of Xbox matchmaking too.


R is working behind-the-scenes on the recommendation engine for Foursquare.


Google uses R to improve its search results. It provides better search suggestions, calculates the ROI of its advertising campaigns. And increase online advertising efficiency, and forecast its economic activity.

Uses of R programming in Finance


Mozilla uses R to track the Firefox Web Behavior

Lloyds of London

Lloyds of London use R to analyze risks.

Bajaj Allianz Insurance

Bajaj Allianz uses R to design its propensity models and recommendation engines for upselling. They use it for data mining and for generating actionable insights to improve customer experience.

The digital revolution has brought drastic changes to the world. One of the most prominent changes is the move of marketplaces to the internet. The e-commerce field makes use of R heavily for various purposes.

Uses of R programming Language In E-Commerce


Amazon uses R and data analysis to strengthen its advice on cross-products.


Flipkart uses R for predictive analysis that helps them with targeted publicity.

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Today, social media is the most common Big Data generator. In the social media industry, the most advanced and cutting-edge uses of data science can be found.

You have questions in R applications, list them in the section on comments.

Uses of R programming In Banking


ANZ bank uses R for modeling credit risk and in mortgage loss models.

Bank of America

Bank of America uses R to report financially, and to measure financial losses.

Uses of R programming Language In Social Nedia

Social media companies Facebook use R for the analysis of behavior and sentiment. They will change and enhance their recommendations to users. Based on the context of the user, and the mood and tone of their recent posts and content viewed. The advertisements displayed to the user adjusted according to user feelings and history. R analyzes traffic, user sessions, and content, all to improve user experience.


Facebook uses R to forecast interactions between colleagues and to update its social network database.


For semantic clustering Twitter uses R. They use it to visualize data.

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Uses of R In Manufacturing

This programming language is used by many production firms to complement their company and marketing strategies. In order to streamline and refine the goods, they consider their client’s input.

To help consumer strategy, these businesses use knowledge. Business dynamics and demand forecasting for the adaptation of development processes.

Various manufacturing companies use R to complement their business and marketing strategies. They analyze customer feedback to help streamline your products and improve them. They are using the data to promote their marketing strategies. Application of R and data analytics is forecasting demand and industry dynamics to change their manufacturing practices.

John Deere

John Deere uses R to forecast its product demand and spare parts requirements. We use it to forecast crop yields. Use the data to meet consumer demand and downturns for their business plan.

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Ford Motor Company

Ford uses R for statistical analysis to support their business plan. And to measure consumer opinions about their product. It will help them develop their future designs.

Uses of R In The Government Department

R is used in the governmental department to hold the records and process their census. This helps them in successful management and law-making. It is also used for programs such as weather forecasts, drug laws, and review of catastrophe impacts.

Is R programming Difficult?

R used to be a difficult programming language to learn. The language was unstructured and ambiguous, in comparison to the other programming tools. Hadley Wickham created the tidyverse kit series to address this big problem.

The game’s rules have changed for the better. Manipulation of data becomes simple and intuitive. Developing a graph was no longer a daunting task.

R programming can be used to apply the best ML algorithms. High-end machine learning strategies are created using packages like TensorFlow and Keras. A kit for performing Xgboost, one of the best algorithms for the Kaggle race, is also available in R.

R is able to interact with other languages. Python, Java, and C++ can all be called from R. R have ties to the field of big data as well. R will interact with a number of databases, including Spark and Hadoop.


In this Blog, We discuss the What is the uses of R programming language and How to use of it. With R, we learned about the various sectors and industries.

We have been investigating the different purposes for these industries using R. We looked at several businesses using R to meet their various needs.

R used for research and academic purposes only, the times have changed. And you find R used in every industry, from IT and finance to healthcare.

According to the result, you are looking for the uses of r programming language. Our Programming Assignment Help experts are available to provide you with the best R Programming Assignment Help which will increase your academic records.

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