10 Reasons Why Is Homework Good For Students In 2023

Well, homework is a scary word for many students, from the old generation to the new

Because teachers may give more homework to students. It’s much more than their capacity.

According to my point of view, homework should be given to students according to their capacity.

However, homework is helpful for both school and college students.

You understood the subject well because you pay proper attention to your homework.

Also, if a person is good at the theoretical part, they will be able to do practical work in real life.

During the pandemic time, students were attending online classes and had become lazy. They do not pay proper attention to their classes and homework.

However, students will suffer in their jobs because they are not attending classes properly during the pandemic. They do not know how to perform tasks practically because their theoretical portion is weak.

In this blog, I’ll explain in detail 10 reasons why is homework good and other important topics such as: why is homework good for mental health?

Let’s discuss this.

What Is Homework?

Homework is an assignment which is assigned to the students by their teachers. And the reason behind assigning them homework is to make them revise what they have studied in the class .

Positive aspects of homework:

  • If parents help with homework, they are more interested in their children’s school life.
  • Homework helps kids keep up with important skills by giving them regular practice.
  • It teaches students the better management of time.
  • Homework gives kids an opportunity to learn in their own time and space.

10 Reasons Why Homework Is Good For Students

1. Learn to Solve Problems

Students can develop problem solving skills by doing their homework regularly and finding solutions for that work.
If due to any reasons, they are finding difficulties in doing their homework then they will try to get the solution. Which makes them feel better about themselves as students.
Homework shows students where they need to work more hard. In this way, homework becomes a stepping stone for them because it gives them chances to learn new things and improve their skills.

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2. Improves Time Management Abilities

Children and teenagers have trouble arranging their work schedule for themselves after getting back from school.

Parents want teachers to assign these assignments to the students to make their students more productive.

For college students it is important to manage their work schedule and also manage their daily activities according to them.

Plan which activities will take more or less time according to their strengths, weaknesses, skill level, and interest.

Students need to understand how to manage their time well.

3. Improve Knowledge 

When students revise the lessons they’ve learned at school again and again at home, it improves their understanding of the topic better. This is the third reason why is homework good.

If a student works on the same topic more than once, it’s easier for them to understand what it’s all about. It will also help them in class tests or exams.

4. Increase Success Rate in Exam 

Students may not like to study for their exams. But if they only review and revise what they learned in school is enough to get them ready for the exams, because they understand the topic or concept that well.

As a result, you will have more confidence going into the exam.

5. Improves the Students Thinking Capacity and Memory power 

Homework is a way to help students remember things better. After understanding the classroom students should have tested themselves to know better about where they need improvement. It makes it easy to focus and helps you remember things.

Not only that, students can discover some new ways and techniques to make their memory better. And homework also helps students to develop some more important skills which they should have in their lives..

6. Encourage Parent’s Involvement in Child Education

Children and parents almost always question why is homework good. According to them, it adds more work to the child’s life. The reason for this is that they do not involve the child.

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But sometimes the parents have to help with the homework. It makes sure that both parents and children are on the same page as they also learn new concepts while teaching their children. This is the sixth reason why homework is good.

7. Helps You Concentrate Better on Study

When students don’t have any external work, they focus more on their studies and homework, which helps them in performing better in tests. This is the seventh reason why homework is good.

8. Homework Helps Students Get Better at Analysing Things

When students have homework that requires them to analyze information, it helps them learn how to do that. Employers look for people with this skill, and it’s a useful skill that students can have.

9. Homework Improves Grades

when students already cover the topics before exams. It will increase confidence and knowledge levels. Gradually, their marks will also improve.
Teachers usually assign that kind of homework to the students which allows them to learn the topic better. But if you go over your worksheets before an exam, you have a good chance of scoring better in exams.

10. Beneficial in the Future

If a student completes their homework with full attention, it will improve their scores. As a result, it will also help them in jobs because they have proper theoretical knowledge. They do not face any difficulty while doing it practically. It will create many job opportunities.

7 Reasons Why Is Homework Important for Parents?

  1. Ensure that your children should have a peaceful place for their studies.
  2. You should not force your children to do the homework when they are in the chill mood or watching TV or playing outside.
  3. Help your children to be more good at using time efficiently.
  4. Tell your child that school is important. Your children will learn from you how important it is to do the homework.
  5. Show your child that the practices you do in your young age helps you to develop skills in your life. If your child is learning to read, you should help them when they face difficulty. 
  6. When they need help, try to give them suggestions instead of the full solution.
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Because if you provide them the fully solved answers, then they will stop working hard themselves on finding the solutions.

If your teacher tells you to play a part in your homework, do it.

  1. You should always listen to your teacher. It shows your kid that home and school work together. Follow what the teacher tells you to do. 

5 + Reasons Why Homework Is Bad?

Well, homework is a very integral part of every school-going student. But students take it as a stressful activity.

Homework is a scary word because it indicates more work and less fun. Even thinking about doing more work after school hours can be horrible to imagine. Not only that, but many teenagers have other things to do after school. Here are 5+ reasons why homework is bad : 

  1. May cause stress-related problems
  2. No time to do other tasks 
  3. Too much homework can lead to depression.
  4. No positive impact on efficiency
  5. The student feels foundation when they have extra homework.

It can sometimes be stressful, but not too much if it’s done the right way. Even though homework is a necessary part of the school,


In this blog, we discussed so many topics like why is homework good, why homework is bad, and why is homework bad for mental health that will be beneficial for you, not only as students but also as parents.

Some people say that it is the responsibility of teachers to cover so many topics in school. so that students have enough time to do extracurricular activities to enhance their skills and calm their minds.

But according to me, homework is an essential part of their brain development. Students should do their homework as an interesting activity.

Frequently Asked Question

Q 1. What are the benefits of doing homework?

Students learn how to solve problems by doing their homework. Homework gives students another chance to go over what they’ve learned in class.

Q 2. Homework Should be banned or not?

Homework is good because students can understand when they read something on their own. As we all hear from teachers and parents, “practice makes us perfect.”

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