What Are The Causes Of Academic Failure Among Students?

Academics play an important role in the success of the students. According to the researcher, students with higher grades in higher education always have a better opportunity for the profession.

Getting good grades in academics is important not only for getting a good job and high pay scales but also for understanding the technologies and for increasing knowledge that demands the businesses that students will need in the future. Thus, students with academic success have so many opportunities to choose their careers.

Failure is the beginning of a large number of mental and affective problems in the human world. Especially when we talk about academics, students are expected to pass a large number of exams; Tests, and assignments to prove their ability and learning capabilities.

However, each student cannot score well in academics, and there may be many reasons behind their failure.

There are many factors that can lead to the failure of students in high schools. Some of these are internal forces, while others are external factors.

A study was conducted to examine the factors that affect the academic failure of students and the causes of academic failure among students for the following reasons:

  • The environment of learning
  • Socioeconomic factors
  • Financial Status
  • Parents’ Education
  • Way of Teaching
  • Academic, Instructional, And Motivational Reasons
  • Physiological, Neurological, and Cognitive Reasons

Causes Of Academic Failure Among Students

There are several causes of academic failure among students the following reasons

Internal Organizational Factors

Internal organizational factors include components such as:-

  • Way Of Teaching
  • Characteristics Of Teacher
  • Evaluation Methodology
  • Educational Writing Support To The Students
  • Providing Online Assignments Instead Of Individuals
  • Library Facility

A collective effort of the student, teacher, school principal, and government is required to realize the desirable quality standards for obtaining a quality education. The school should provide specific facilities and optimum status to facilitate the efforts of various stakeholders.

A teacher plays an important role in students ‘ academic performance. The students expect the teachers to make all possible efforts to expand their knowledge. They improve their learning techniques by providing relevant knowledge, skills, values, and perspectives to the learner.

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The quality of education imparted by teachers is affected due to large classrooms and paperwork. A significant shortage of teaching staff can be a bottleneck in the direction of the provision of quality education. They can minimize it by employing more personnel and providing professional development opportunities for teachers.

The quality of education is also influenced by the time when the teacher represents the students. Sometimes, the one-hour period is not enough to cover a subject, so the teacher should opt for the help of an online assignment so that the students can easily remove their doubts.

Different types of methods used for evaluation also have a direct impact on students.

Individual Factors

Individual factors include components such as:-

  • Having A Goal
  • Inspiration
  • Regularity For Class
  • Adequate Preparation
  • The State Of Mental And Physical Health Of The Student.

Only going to the classroom for attendance or staying in the library from dawn to dusk may not mean that the student has joined a serious study if he fails to concentrate on his studies. Therefore, adequate preparation here should be the amount of concentration on the body, soul, and spirit exerted during the study hours. In other words, while preparing for the exam, a student needs to put his mind in the study, which is a task of commitment, seriousness, and concentration that how much the student is serious about exams.

The student must be regular to lecture and should not attend classes solely for the purpose of receiving attendance. The objective of attending class should be to learn new things. Interactive sessions and academic writing help are quite helpful in understanding the different points and ideas.

Studying means learning and understanding what should be done with full concentration. Motivation, interest in the field of study, and confidence are also important factors in academic failure. If the student does not have an interest or lacking in the subject they are studying, there is a possibility of poor performance. Planning beforehand is another factor that affects students ‘ academic performance. It means to prepare a timetable and to cover the syllabus in advance.

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External Organizational Factors

External organizational factors include components such as:-

  • The Level Of Parental Education
  • Parental Behavior
  • The Social Status Of The Family
  • Business Prospect

Children from families with low socio-economic status do not have access to the proper study environment in their homes, which ultimately negatively impacts their academic achievement. The cause of academic failure among students belonging to lower-class families is the absence of cultural background.

The educational standards of parents and their actions have an impact on the educational outcomes of their children. Studies have proved that the education level of successful students exceeds the education level of parents of unsuccessful students. Parents with higher education provide the most favorable environment for their children to study, which gives them the necessary motivation to move forward for higher education.

Thus, the education and income of the family is a strong element in determining the achievement of students. Till the time the child participates in education, he continues his studies.

Low grades are the result of the poor economic condition of the students. However, if he/she adopts positive behavior and meets his basic needs, it can be avoided, and his parents can pay his school fees promptly.

The most important task of an education system is to prepare students to get knowledge and skills to enter the community. Therefore, it is very important to identify important factors for their academic achievement and disruption.

How To Deal With Academic Failure

Here, we discuss how to deal with academic failure.

How To Deal With Academic Failure

1. Reflect and Analyze

Take a moment to think about why school might be tricky. Figure out which parts are hard, like homework or tests. It’s like looking at a puzzle to understand what’s not fitting right.

2. Seek Guidance

Talk to your teacher, friends, or family for help. They can give you good ideas and support to make school easier. It’s like getting tips from a teammate to play better.

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3. Set Realistic Goals

Make small goals that you can reach. Think of it like playing a game. When you finish a level, you feel good. Setting small goals in school is a bit like that.

4. Develop Effective Study Habits

Find better ways to study. Maybe drawing helps you remember things, or maybe reading out loud works. Try different things to see what’s like a fun game for your brain.

5. Create a Support System

Spend time with people who cheer you on. It could be friends, family, or classmates. They’re like your cheering squad, making you feel strong when things are tough.

6. Address Mental Health

If you’re feeling stressed or sad, tell someone. Schools have people who can help with these feelings. It’s like having a superhero to make you feel better.

7. Learn from Mistakes

Making mistakes is okay. It’s like learning to ride a bike – you might fall, but each time, you get better. Mistakes at school are like that, helping you get smarter each time you try.


More attention to the curriculum, factors related to teachers, improvement in student confidence, and the proper learning environment can prevent the educational failure of students, besides preventing loss of resources. In addition, interactive sessions can be arranged for students to discover their hidden notions about the environment of the students and the deficiencies of the college, which are born for mutual development in the college.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Why do some students face academic failure?

Academic failure can result from various factors such as procrastination, ineffective study habits, unsupportive learning environments, personal challenges, and mental health issues.

Q2. What role do ineffective study habits play in academic setbacks?

Poor study techniques, like inadequate note-taking and time management, hinder a student’s understanding and retention of academic material, contributing to failure.

Q3. How do financial constraints impact academic performance?

Limited resources and financial challenges can create barriers to accessing essential educational materials and support, affecting a student’s ability to succeed.

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