7 Things Every Student Should Know Before Submitting Assignment

Creating assignments is a regular part of a student’s life. Every learner is asked for preparing and submitting assignment regularly. Their grades depend heavily on the assignments they submit to their institutes. Therefore, it’s essential to make your assignments flawless before their submission. 

In general, there are 7 main things that every student should know before submitting assignments. In this blog, we have discussed them to help you submit A-grade-worthy assignments. 

Read on to learn what should be done before submitting any work!

Ensure Originality

All your efforts in making assignments can go in vain if the details in them exceed the allowed limit of plagiarism. 

Ensuring originality is a vital task that needs to be carried out by every student before submitting the assignment. The institutes take plagiarism very seriously and take strict actions against the students who are found committing this offense. 

Checking for plagiarism in your tasks is vital using a free plagiarism checker. A plagiarism detector allows students to identify samples of plagiarism in their works. It offers an easy way to find the exact plagiarism percentage.

Avoid Using Slang Terms

You don’t have the slightest margin of using an informal style in academic writing. Therefore, before submitting assignment, it’s essential to go through it thoroughly and eliminate all kinds of slang terms you might have used. 

You won’t desire to include something in your work that can degrade it. Hence, you must use formal terms instead of slang and jargon to achieve better grades. It’s essential to take this point seriously and make sure to avoid the usage of slang terms before the submission of assignments.

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Sentence Formation

Another essential thing to consider before submitting assignment in your institute is to make its sentence structure and formation flawless. You’ll be rewarded with a lower grade due to submitting an assignment containing multiple errors, which deteriorate its overall quality. 

Therefore, you should proofread your assignments thoroughly before submitting them. During this process, you should watch out for sentences that contain fragments, missing adjectives or verbs, and misspelled words, and rectify them to make your assignment free of any kind of error.

Accurate Word Count

The universities strictly guide their students to follow a specific word count for each assignment as per their nature and topic. You’ll lose points and grades if your assignment’s word count goes beyond or stays below the permitted word count. Mostly, students don’t pay much attention to the word counts of their assignments. 

However, it significantly impacts your performance, and the teachers will consider it before awarding you the grade. Depending upon your institute, you’ll be given a relaxation of 5 to 10% in word count, as it’s obvious that you cannot provide the exact number of words in your assignments. Therefore, before submitting assignments, you should thoroughly review the guidelines and bring the word count within the specified limit.

Citation Style

Regarding academic writing, citation carries a significant place, as, without it, your assignment won’t contain any worth in the eyes of the professors. Every institute asks its students to follow a specific citation style. The most popular citation styles include APA, MLA, and Chicago. Therefore, before submitting assignment in your college, you must ensure that you have followed the correct citation style per the institute’s guidelines.

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Formatting and Alignment

The students have to follow the rules set by their institutes and take care of the formatting and alignment of their assignments. The universities may ask you to follow a specific font style and font size. 

In addition, they may also provide you with instructions on using a specific line spacing. All these instructions are passed on to the students beforehand. You must cross-check your assignment before submitting it and ensure you have followed all the rules set by the institute.

Marking Criteria

Last but not least vital thing to look for before submitting your assignment is the marking criteria. If you want to pass your course with higher grades, you should know everything about the marking standards and put in your effort accordingly. 

Sometimes, universities or examiners are flexible on the language, mainly grammar, giving the least weightage to it. If it is the case with your institute, don’t worry about it. Instead, focus on the things that matter the most according to your institute. 

Moreover, just a few moments before submitting the work, read your assignment while keeping marking criteria in mind. It could help you make it better than before.

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