Top 13 Node Js Project Ideas for Beginners – Step by Step

When we hear about the client-side language, we hear JavaScript. It is used almost everywhere and in many forms. But what about the server side? Now, we have a name for the server side too. It is Node js. The js in Node js is JavaScript. Yes, they both are related. Node js let js to run on the server side too. Learning a server-side programming language can help you a lot, especially in web development or related fields.

If you know JavaScript, then learning of Node will be easy for you. To be proficient in any language, one must practice it practically. If you are learning Node js or planning to learn it, consider building a project using it. In this article, you will get Node Js project ideas for beginners, using which you can build one for yourself.

What is NodeJS Most Used For?

Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime widely used to build scalable network applications. It is particularly useful for building applications that require real-time communication or data streaming, such as chat applications, real-time collaboration tools, and streaming platforms.

Some of the most common use cases of Node.js include the following:

  • Building web servers: Node.js is often used to build web servers because of its ability to handle large volumes of data, handle I/O operations efficiently, and support real-time communication.
  • Building APIs: Node.js is a popular choice due to its scalability, flexibility, and ease of use.
  • Developing real-time applications: Node.js is used extensively for building real-time applications, such as chat applications and online gaming platforms, that require real-time communication and data streaming.
  • Building microservices: Node.js is used to build microservices, which are small, independent services that can be combined to create larger applications.
  • Developing desktop applications: Node.js can also be used to develop desktop applications using frameworks like Electron, which allows developers to build cross-platform desktop applications using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Node Js Project Ideas for Beginners

1. Video Streaming App

You can build an application where you can stream videos just like any other OTT app. This app will need a great amount of work on the UI and UX. You will need to create attractive web pages and players to attract more and more users. There is certainly one thing to take care of and that is to keep control over what to display.

With a larger choice list, your app will become more complex. I would suggest you start by giving 10-15 choices in starting to choose from. Once you get the idea of handling it, you will be able to add more selections and even categories. With experience, you can display live feeds and even bigger content on your app.

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2. Chatting App

If we are talking about server-side, It is impossible not to talk about a real-time chatting app. Just the way WhatsApp works, you can build one for yourself too. To create such type of application you need to have knowledge about and web sockets. Also, you can use MongoDB as your database for faster retrievals. The app will have the following:

  • An attractive UI and colorful themes.
  • Files sharing option to make the transfers easier and fun.
  • Stickers and GIFs to make chatting more interesting.
  • Login/Signup option for security purposes.
  • A reliable and leak-proof database.

This kind of project can help you understand how web sockets work. It will be an amazing project for your resume too.

3. E-mailer

E-mailer is just an email sender application. You can now control your emails using an application build using Node js. It is a perfect project for beginners. You can use nodemailer module provided by the Node js itself. The purpose of nodemailer is to send and receive emails using Node js. You can install this into you app and automate it. You can create attractive HTML pages and interactive user interfaces for emails. You can even automate and schedule your emails.

 4. Voice to Text

Node js offers many NLP frameworks and modules. You can use these modules to create a voice-to-text application. The module will hear your voice and convert it to text. You can create it vice-e versa too. Text to speech. You can automate the application to recognize anytime you speak.

This will be an easy project for you if you are a beginner. You will learn about how the framework and module work. To take this app to a higher level you can store data and train your application. By training, you can make your application to respond in certain ways. Even respond to a certain keyword accordingly.

5. Book Directory

You can create a simple book directory application using Node js. You can create an API with 4 basic methods of PUT, POST, GET and DELETE. You can attach a database and can even work without it using JSON file format. In this application, you can add, delete, change and retrieve any book for the directory. You can use book ids or any unique identification for the book retrieval become easier. This application will work like an online library.

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 6. Web Collector

Sometimes, you look up something on the internet and wish to store it somewhere. You can create an application that will work like a web scraper. An app where you can store any piece of information as you wish. You can use a database to increase storage and ease access. You can use a few plugins like cheerio. You can even create an API for sorting, filtering, and arranging data.

7. Basic User System

A basic user system is one the most basic and easiest projects you can build as a beginner. In this project, you will learn about how framework and module collaboration happen. You will learn how to register a new user, login/signup module, and authentication a user. You can learn to perform basic user operations that can also help you in the future. You can try to connect the database too.

8. Bill Reminder

You can create a project which will help you remind of your pending or upcoming bills. You can make a portal to enter the details of all the invoices and bills you wish to be reminded of. Also, this app will let you scan and pay bills using it only.

This project can be a little complex and will need good use of modules and APIs. The application should be able to send notifications and reminders. You can even add the feature of automatic payments, just in case someone forgets.

9. Weather App

A weather app is a type of application that allows users to get weather data for a specific location. Weather apps are useful for people who want to plan their day or week based on the weather conditions.

To build a weather app using Node.js, you must use an API that provides weather data. Some popular weather APIs include OpenWeatherMap, AccuWeather, and Weatherstack.

10. To-Do List

A to-do list app is a type of application that allows users to keep track of their tasks and manage their time effectively. To-do list apps are useful for people who want to stay organized and productive.

To build a to-do list app using Node.js, you must create a web application that allows users to add, delete, and mark tasks as completed. You can use a database like MongoDB or SQLite to store the task data.

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11. Blogging Platform

A blogging platform is an application that allows users to create and publish blog posts. Blogging platforms are popular among writers, journalists, and anyone who wants to share their thoughts and ideas with a wider audience

To build a blogging platform using Node.js, you must create a web application that allows users to create accounts, write blog posts, and publish them on the web. You can use a database like MongoDB or MySQL to store the blog post data.

12. E-commerce Website

 An e-commerce website is an application that allows users to buy and sell products or services online. E-commerce websites are popular among businesses of all sizes, as they provide a convenient way for customers to purchase goods and services anywhere in the world.

To build an e-commerce website using Node.js, you must create a web application that allows users to browse products, add them to a cart, and complete the checkout process. You must also integrate with a payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe to process payments.

13. Real-time Multiplayer Game

A real-time multiplayer game is a type of game that allows multiple players to play simultaneously in a shared game world. Real-time multiplayer games are popular among gamers who want to compete against other players online.

To build a real-time multiplayer game using Node.js, you must create a server that handles the game logic and communicates with the clients. You can use a library like Socket.IO to handle real-time communication between the server and the clients.


Node js is becoming very popular day by day, and this is due to the flexibility and features it offers. This article covers the best Node js project ideas for beginners. These projects are basic yet full of learning. If you are looking to build projects that can help you be proficient in Node js then you can choose any project from above.

Is NodeJS good for beginners?

Yes, Node.js is a good choice for beginners who want to learn web development or server-side programming.

Is node JS good for big projects?

Yes, Node.js is a great choice for building big projects. Node.js is designed to be scalable and efficient, making it well-suited for handling large volumes of traffic and requests.

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