Top 7 Programming Language For Automation For 2023

A lot of learners are interested in learning the programming language for automation. I will discuss the best programming language for automation, so stay tuned to this blog.

Automation is a technical word. Persons in the non-technical field are not familiar with the word “automation.”

So, I will start with the basic meaning of automation and programing language. 

After that, I will cover other important topics, such as the 7 best programming languages for automation and platforms to learn programming language for automation.

If you are curious about a programming language for automation. Keep an eye on this blog.

What is Automation?

Automation programs’ developers control the systems, because of the reason that they can run the production of goods and services without any human involvement. It is used in many fields, including utilities, manufacturing, operations, national defense systems, etc.

Programming languages are used to automate processes in information technology. This helps boost efficiency and productivity at work.

What is Programming Language? 

A programming language is used by the programmers to develop different software programs, applications and scripts, it is a computer language which creates the different sets of instructions for computers to run.

Even though there are similarities between many languages, each has its syntax. If a programmer knows the criteria, rules and structure of a language, then they can write the source code.

Programming Language For Automation 

In 2022, JavaScript will be used more than any other programming language for the tenth year. But for those who are trying to learn coding, have a different look at it. People who are learning coding use HTML/CSS, Python and Javascript equally as they use any other language.

People who are learning coding, most of them will say their favorite is Python (58% vs. 44%), C++ (35% vs. 20%), and C (32% vs. 17%) than Professional Developers.

Image Source: Stack Overflow

1. Python 

Image Source: Google

Designed by: Guido van Rossum

Discovered year: 1991

Python is considered the best programming language, it is an open-source language, and best for automation testing, AI and more. The most advanced and latest version of it is Python 3.8.1.

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Python is by far the most used programming language for automation testing because it is very easy to learn and it is less confusing.

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey (2022), 43.51% of people choose python as the most needed programming language for automation. This shows the popularity of the python language.

Here are some reason, why python has become the favorite choice of the developers:

  • Python is very easy to understand, that is why it is loved by beginners in the field of programming.
  • The flexibility of python is very high, that’s why it is preferred by many programmers all over the world.
  • For python, the library services are available easily. It is very beneficial for the developers to get help where they are facing difficulty.


Image Source: Google

Designed by: James Gosling

Discovered year:1995 

The next programming language on our list for automation testing is Java. For those companies, who want to create jobs in the automation testing field, it is the most important thing.

This programming language can be used for other things also. Oracle Corporation owns it and is mostly used by software tech giants to automate tasks.

A report says that more than three billion devices use java applications.

Stack Overflow Developer(2022) did a survey, and 33.4% of all respondents said that JavaScript is their favorite programming language for test automation,

Some companies use Java to keep their back-end systems running fluently. It is a famous programming language which is automated in the IT industry because there are a lot of frameworks, plugins, APIs, and libraries that can be used with it. About 77% of selenium testers use Java, which makes it easier and faster to share what they know.

3. Ruby 

   Image Source: Google

Designed by: Yukihiro Matsumoto

Discovered year: 2007

Ruby is another popular programming language for automation that is in high demand.

The Selenium frameworks work well with it.

It is basically a scripting type of language and also a programming language which is object-oriented for the back ends.

A survey done by stack overflow in 2022 says, about 6.72% of all the responders said that JavaScript is their favorite programming language when it comes to test automation.

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It is an easy-to-learn language that works with MVC architecture and lets automated deployment happen.


      Image Source: Google

Designed by: Rasmus Lerdorf

Discovered year: 1994

PHP is a popular open-source programming language that is often used for development on the server side. Even automation testing uses it as a programming language.

PHP is used by more than 34 million websites as an automation language. And also being used by many popular websites around the world, including Facebook, Yahoo, Tumblr, etc.

A survey was done by Stack Overflow Developer in 2022 , according to it, 21.62% of all respondents said that for test automation PHP is their favorite programming language, web development, and more.

Learning PHP is easy and simple compared to other programming languages like Python and Java. It has a strong community and an ecosystem that is growing. And it comes with XDebug, a powerful tool for debugging and profiling that can do much

5. Javascript  

 Image Source: Google

Designed by: Brendan Eich

Discovered year: 1995

Without JavaScript, our list of programming languages used for automated testing will look incomplete. It’s a great option for automating testing, and developers also use it for developing the front-end.

According to the survey done in 2022 by stack overflow developer, 67.9% of all respondents said that JavaScript is their favorite programming language for test automation, web development, and more. Several web apps, like Instagram, Airbnb, and Slack, use JavaScript automation to support libraries like ATOM, Botkit, and Mavericks.

In addition to front-end development, it is often used for testing automation. Many testing frameworks, such as Zest, Jasmine, and Nightwatch JS, that filter different unit testing processes, such as end-to-end testing.

6. C#

                                                                                       Image Source: Google

Designed by: Dennis Ritchie

Discovered year: 2002 

C#, made by Microsoft, is also becoming popular as a language for test automation. It is based on the ideas of programming based on articles.

It is the most popular language that uses the .NET system. According to survey done by the stack Overflow Developer, 29.72% of the person who reacted said that C# is the best programming language for automation testing and for the improvement of the web.

C# is a very good option for automating the testing process of apps that run on Android, Windows, and iOS platforms. C# 8.0 is the latest version.

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7. Smashtest

                                                                                       Image Source: Google

Designed by: Dennis Ritchie

Discovered year: 2002 

SmashTest is the best NodeJS-based programming language for automating testing.Anyone can use this tool or language as it is free to use.

The language is 10 times faster, but SmashTest’s documentation could be better. Once we knew how to use the language, automating tests with SmashTest was like doing a drive-around.

The language is easy to learn and has easy-to-understand advances and amazing details that make it a great language to learn if you want to work with test automation.

Platforms To Learn Programming Language for Automation

There are numerous platforms where you can learn programming language for automation.

Here are the three best programming language for automation 

Image Source: Stack Overflow

According to the Stack Overflow survey, 66.49% of learners want to learn programming language for automation from udemy. Udemy is a reliable online learning site where you can learn automation for free or at a low cost. To master the Selenium framework, you can take courses on industrial automation, app automation, and other topics.

After Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy.


In this blog, we discussed the top programming language for automation that can be used for testing automation and help get work done quickly. You can pick based on what you need and work more efficiently. Please tell us another programming language for automation in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Question 

Can automation be done with Python?

Python testing is made much easier by its large library of useful packages and ready-to-use automation components. Python is based on objects and has functions. It gives you the option of using functions or classes, depending on what works best for your tasks. Distributed functions don’t have any unwanted effects, and their simple syntax makes them easy to read.

Is automation hard to learn?

Automation is easy to learn if you know what to do and have the right tools. How hard it is will also depend on the type of automation you choose. For instance, it is easier to switch from manual testing to automated testing than to start from scratch with robotics.

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