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Cloud Computing Assignment Help

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What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the computer science field that enables people to access the assigned resources from anywhere and anytime on their systems through the internet. Rather than having the records collected on the local storage, cloud computing lets a company store and access their data from the remote database through the internet. If the information is in the cloud, the user can obtain it from any place without requiring them to be in one place.

Characteristics Of Cloud Computing

On-demand self-service

Cloud computing resources can be provisioned without human interaction from the service provider. In other words, a manufacturing organization can provide additional computing resources as needed without going through the cloud service provider. It can be a storage space, virtual machine instances, database instances, and so on.

Manufacturing organizations can use a web self-service portal as an interface to access their cloud accounts to see their cloud services, their usage, and also to provision and deprovision services as they need to.

Broad network access

Cloud computing resources are available over the network and can be accessed by diverse customer platforms. In other words, cloud services are available over a system—ideally high broadband communication links—such as the internet, or in the case of private clouds, it could be a local area network (LAN).

Network bandwidth and latency are fundamental aspects of cloud computing and broad network access because they relate to the quality of service (QoS) on the network. It is particularly crucial for serving time-sensitive manufacturing applications.

Multi-tenancy and resource pooling

Cloud computing resources are designed to support a multi-tenant model. Multi-tenancy allows multiple customers to share the same applications or the same physical infrastructure while retaining privacy and security over their information. It’s similar to people living in an apartment building, sharing the same building infrastructure, but they still have their apartments and privacy within that infrastructure. That is how cloud multi-tenancy works.

Resource pooling means that multiple customers are serviced from the same physical resources. Providers’ resource pool should be vast and flexible enough to service various client requirements and provide for the economy of scale. When it comes to resource pooling, resource allocation must not impact the performances of critical manufacturing applications.

Rapid elasticity and scalability

One of the great things about cloud computing is the ability to quickly provision resources in the cloud as manufacturing organizations need them. And then to remove them when they don’t need them. Cloud computing resources can scale up or down rapidly and, in some cases, automatically, in response to business demands. It is a crucial feature of cloud computing. Therefore, the usage, capacity, and cost can be scaled up or down with no additional contract or penalties.

Elasticity is a landmark of cloud computing, and it implies that manufacturing organizations can rapidly provision and deprovision any of the cloud computing resources. Rapid provisioning and de-provisioning might apply to storage or virtual machines or customer applications.

Measured service

Cloud computing resources usage is metered, and manufacturing organizations pay accordingly for what they have used. Resource utilization can be optimized by leveraging charge-per-use capabilities. It means that cloud resource usage—whether virtual server instances running or storage in the cloud—get monitored, measured, and reported by the cloud service provider. The cost model is based on “pay for what you use”—the payment is variable based on the manufacturing organization’s actual consumption.

Cloud Computing Models

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

In the IaaS cloud computing model, the user will not manage the IT support but applications that are deployed, manage networking components, operating systems, and storage systems. The best example is the host firewalls. For the cloud computing assignment help, you can take our assistance.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

This enables the user to reuse the cloud service accessible to several consumers. It lets the users utilize the applications that are on the cloud. These applications are available by the consumer devices to guide a consumer interface like a web browser or program interface. In this type of cloud computing model, you can't control the cloud infrastructure, including networks, operating systems, applications, and servers.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

This means that the IT environment can utilize and cover IT resources. It enables extending the received or generated applications on the cloud infrastructure by using programming languages, tools, and libraries. In this type of cloud computing model, you do not have to manage the cloud infrastructure, including the operating systems, servers, storage, and networks, but they can control the extended applications. The best example is Microsoft Azure.

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