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C# vs Javascript -Learn the difference between both programming language

As everyone knows that C# vs javascript is an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. C# is the derivative from C language with the features of object-oriented as well as a procedural programming language. 

C# intended for a language that is plain, modern, and of general use. It design to develop software from small functionalities to large operating systems. It is a multi-paradigm language that is strongly typed, imperative, declarative, functional and component-oriented.

While JavaScript is a programming language of high quality. This is found primarily in web browsers. JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS, is the cornerstone of the world wide web. This makes the client-server contact possible. JavaScript use by an overwhelming majority of websites and almost all modern web browsers have JavaScript engines. 

JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language that supports event-driven, functional and imperative programming types. it is a multi-paradigm language. It can work with text, arrays, regular expressions, dates and can perform basic manipulation of the document object model (DOM). 

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Now, let’s discuss some of the major differences between C# vs javascript.

Difference Between C# vs Javascript


C# was developed at Microsoft-a large programming language. C# a successful organization with a lot of capital as part of one of its main development efforts; the implementation of the .Net Platform. Its chief architect is Anders Hejlsberg-one of the world’s top linguistic designers-who previously worked on two popular languages: Turbo Pascal and Delphi.

But, The C# team led the language with a steady hand, built an ecosystem. It fully integrated tooling like the ubiquitous-in – the-space Visual Studio IDE. Furthermore, they had to rely on two extremely strong models: Java, on which C# was patterned and which had significant shortcomings that C# probably fixed; and F #, for C# functionality, “minor league,”  trying these out before they are rolled into C#.

Oh and LINQ too. LINQ is beautiful and far too few people realize how crazy it can be. If you’re learning C#, it’s not strictly necessary at first, but at some point take the time to learn how LINQ providers work and how to write your own. Some times you’ll up your game.


C# using System
; namespace HelloWorldApplication
class HelloWorld
static void Main(string[] args)
/* my first program in C# */
Console.WriteLine(“Hello World”);


Javascript language that Netscape developed as they tried desperately to take hold of the webspace before Microsoft stood up and realized it too much. It produces almost entirely by Brenden Eich who was not super skilled in language design with all his creativity. Also, it was write in 10 days literally because Netscape needed it in Navigator’s next update.

However, it was based on Scheme and Self-two great languages. And the redemption of many of the odd contradictions in Javascript but instead made to “feel”. Likewise, Java as an afterthought since Netscape was in contact with Sun and needed a little brother link for marketing purposes.

This then remained on the shelf, rarely used for anything but calendar widgets for nine years before Gmail exposed the world to the possibility of Ajax (they didn’t create it but credit where it was due to popularizing. 

It then tried to change way too much stuff at once, struggled, and settled into a fair rate of incremental evolution only recently. Just in time to start slowly killing it off at WebAssembly. It’s frightening that all of this worked at all.


<p onclick=”myFunction(this, ‘red’)”>Click to change color.</p>
<script> function myFunction(element,colour) { = colour; } </script>

Comparison Between C# vs Javascript

                  C#                            Javascript
C#  is an object-oriented programming language.It is a scripting language.
It may review and write records in case permitted for it by Silver light edition.                               It can not be scanned or entered in client machine documents.
C# has LINQ, an important .NET feature which can be used for local questioning.JavaScript has isolated libraries like underscore.js to do the local questioning
C# has overburdening capacities for administrator and transformation.Also, it has no administrator, only overburdening shifts.
It can be found in so many widely varying applications.JavaScript’s most important function is to intuitively shape web applications.
C# can be a profoundly robust dialect that engineers tend across the globe against.The variety of JavaScript is limited and that dialect has a few pitfalls.
C# requires a plugin.JavaScript runs in maximum browsers without a plugin prerequisite.
Static written.JavaScript is dynamically written.
C# write code using the concept of types.Javascript can write the code only for javascript in HTML.
C# used on the server slide.Similarly, Javascript used client slides.

What can I do client-side that I can’t do on the server-side?


Javascript runs without a plugin in most browsers. C# includes a browser plugin that is identical to Silverlight. Since it is running on a client computer, Javascript is unable to read and write files. C# can read and write files in Silverlight, depending on the Silverlight version and what the client requires. Javascript and C#/Silverlight will also connect to remote servers.


You can do whatever, you want because you manage this unit-read files, write files, speak directly to databases, etc. For this purpose, Bear in mind that there is nothing that prevents you from running server-side Javascript.

A Key difference between Javascript vs C#

These are the following

  • C # is so complex and massive that, at first glance, it can scare the learning.
  • JavaScript has plenty of tutorials, papers, and support available to make learning easy.
  • Nowadays, since no one can get away with only learning one language, it doesn’t matter which one you continue with. Getting the experience of both JavaScript and C # would be of long-term value only.
  • For both JavaScript vs C # language, the developer community and peer network are solid, but in a hindsight, C # seems to have a better peer group among developers of windows.
  • Typically, to get things done, one has to write too many lines of code in C # like Java, which is not the case in JavaScript.
  • One positive thing about JavaScript is that it is still developing, and new things have also begun to develop in other languages.
  • C #’s language syntax is more consistent than plain JavaScript.
  • Now that the TypeScript is changing, learning is worth it. TypeScript brings many missing key features to JavaScript which was not there in vanilla implementation.
  • JavaScript has thousands of free libraries and strong community support available while C # is very limited because it’s mainly based on windows.

What language is best for coding, C# vs JavaScript?

C # is much better than JavaScript, no doubt. JavaScript has many bugs and pitfalls; many transpilers are aimed at solving those problems. TypeScript is worth studying at the moment as it brings some advantages of statically typed languages into JavaScript. Due to the compatibility issue, we cannot simply replace JavaScript with TypeScript.

When you want to create web applications, JavaScript will most likely need to be used in one way or another. Mostly this is going to be for frontend but you might also use the blazer of  C# to create web applications.


Likewise, Both coding languages, C# vs Javascript support object-oriented programming (OOPs) concepts. C# can be used with flexibility during the runtime and can execute board type hierarchies. Also, C# is the derivate of the C programming language, and it has compatibility with the C programming languages. Furthermore, it can be categories in the low-level coding language with some of the high-level programming features. 

Javascript operates with a built-in garbage collector system that has all the assigned memory track records of the respective objects and enables them to be free when they are no longer in use. There are several Javascript versions which have similar autoboxing features. This enables the user to automatic conversion of various primitives with their corresponding wrapper classes. 

Both programming languages C++ vs Javascript have specifiers that can restrict the methods. and the scope of the attributes in the classes by using the function private, inside the package by using a protected function and outside the package and class using the function public.

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