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We are living in an Environment, where various Hardware Architectures and Multiple stages presents. So it is extremely hard to compose, arrange and interface a similar Application, for every stage and every Architecture independently.

The Java Programming Language takes care of all the above issues. The Java programming dialect stage gives a compact, translated, superior, basic, question arranged programming dialect and supporting run-time environment. Java Design and engineering choices drew from an assortment of dialects, for example, Eiffel, SmallTalk, Objective C, and Cedar/Mesa. Firmly watched the issues in alternate dialects like stage ward, Pointers multifaceted nature, Manual junk de distribution and so forth., Java expels the fundamental issues in different dialects.

The following Are the Java Features

1. Basic, Object Oriented, and Familiar

2. Vigorous and Secure

3. Engineering Neutral and Portable

4. Superior

5. Translated, Threaded, and Dynamic

1. Basic, Object Oriented, and Familiar

The essential ideas of Java are anything but difficult to learn. Software engineers who are OK with C or C++ can without much of a stretch learn Java. Java underpins Object Oriented Concepts like Encapsulation, Inheritance, reflection and Polymorphism. Java expelled some confused ideas like pointers, different legacy from it to make the programming dialect basic.

2.Robust and Secure

Java administrations like broad aggregate time checking, Automatic trash gathering makes it powerful.

Your end clients can assume that your applications are secure, despite the fact that they're downloading code from everywhere throughout the Internet; the Java run time environment has worked in assurance against infections and altering.

3. Engineering Neutral and Portable

Java compiler produces byte code, which is the Architectural impartial code makes the Java programs keep running on different equipment and programming stages.

Java Programming dialect put a strict principles on sizes of primitive sort and the conduct of its number juggling administrators.

4. Elite

The programmed trash specialist keeps running as a low-need foundation string. The JIT compiler streamlines the code. Complex segments written in local dialect to make java programs runs quicker.

5. Translated, Threaded, and Dynamic

The Java mediator executes the Java Byte code on any machine. Java is multi strung backings for Thread Groups, Thread Pools and so forth., Java is powerful, since classes are stacked at whatever point they required, New code modules can be connected from different sources on need.

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