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Python is a general-purpose, interpreted, high-level, interactive, and object-oriented coding language that was developed in 1991. This language has an uncomplicated syntax that enables the user to write the coding in an efficient manner. Python is a portable programming language that can be executed on several platforms like Mac, UNIX, and Windows.

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Features Of Python Programming

  • Python is one of the programming languages, which is influenced by C programming language with the syntax statements that helps the user to transit in between these two languages.
  • Python is rated among the top 8 coding languages because of its significant measurement in the TIOBE coding community index.
  • This language is the third most renowned programming language whose grammar syntaxes are not based on other conventional languages C#, C++, and Java.
  • By analyzing empirical studies, python is considered more productive than Java and C.

Why Students Struggle With Python Programming Assignment?

  • Lack of Python coding skills: One of the biggest reasons students struggle with their python programming assignment is because of the lack of their coding skills. Thats the reason, students are not able to craft a python programming assignment without using the simplest skills.
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  • Inattentive approach: There are many students who do not focus on the lessons in the class. By which they miss important things discuss in the class of a programming language that is useful to write a python assignment. Therefore, students start seeking out the python programming assignment help to complete their assignments.
  • Inadequate practice: There are students who do not know the proper syntax of python programming. Thats why they do not take an interest in practicing the coding that leads them to inadequate knowledge of the programming assignments.
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