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JavaScript was initially developed in Netscape, by Brendan Eich. Battling with Microsoft over the Internet, Netscape considered their client-server solution as a distributed OS, running a portable version of Sun Microsystems' Java. Because Java was a competitor of C++ and aimed at professional programmers, Netscape also required a lightweight interpreted language that would complement Java by appealing to nonprofessional programmers, like Microsoft's Visual Basic.

Developed under the name Mocha, LiveScript was the official name for the language when it first shipped in beta releases of Netscape Navigator 2.0 in September 1995, but it was renamed JavaScript when it was arranged in the Netscape browser version 2.0B3.

The change of name from LiveScript to JavaScript roughly coincided with Netscape adding support for Java technology in its Netscape Navigator web browser. The final choice of name caused confusion, giving the impression that the language was a spin-off of the Java programming language, and the choice has been characterized by many as a marketing ploy by Netscape to give JavaScript the cachet of what was then the hot new web programming language. It has also been claimed that the language's name is the result of a co-marketing deal between Netscape and Sun, in exchange for Netscape bundling Sun's Java runtime with its then-dominant browser.

In November 1996, Netscape announced that it had submitted JavaScript to Ecma International for consideration as an industry standard, and subsequent work resulted in the standardized version named ECMAScript.

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Basic example of Javascript programming is as follows :



var rootRef, highestPriority, $entries;
rootRef = new Firebase("");

rootRef.on("child_added", function (snapshot) {
var entry =;
var priority = snapshot.getPriority();

highestPriority = Math.max(priority, highestPriority);

$entry = $(".entry.template").clone();
$entry.attr('id', entry);
$entry.children(".text").html(entry + " Priority(" + priority + ")");
$'priority', priority);
$'name', entry);

$(".up", $entry).click(function () {
var $entry = $(this).parents(".entry");
var $prevEntry = $entry.prev();

if (!$prevEntry.length) return;

var entryRef = rootRef.child($'name'));
var prevEntryRef = rootRef.child($'name'));

var entryPriority = $'priority');
var prevEntryPriority = $'priority');

console.log(entryPriority, prevEntryPriority);

prevEntryRef.setPriority(entryPriority);'priority', prevEntryPriority);'priority', entryPriority);

$(".down", $entry).click(function () {
var $entry = $(this).parents(".entry");
var $nextEntry = $;

if (!$nextEntry.length) return;

var entryRef = rootRef.child($'name'));
var nextEntryRef = rootRef.child($'name'));

var entryPriority = $'priority');
var nextEntryPriority = $'priority');

console.log(entryPriority, nextEntryPriority);

nextEntryRef.setPriority(entryPriority);'priority', nextEntryPriority);'priority', entryPriority);

$(".remove", $entry).click(function () {


rootRef.on("child_moved", function (snapshot, prevChildName) {
var $prevEntry = $(".entry#"+ prevChildName);
var $entry = $(".entry#" +;

$'priority', snapshot.getPriority());

$entry.children(".text").html( + " Priority(" + snapshot.getPriority() + ")");

if ($prevEntry.length) {

rootRef.on("child_removed", function (snapshot) {
$(".entry#" +;

highestPriority = 0;

$(function () {
$entries = $("#entries");

$("#submit").click(function (e) {
var $newEntry = $("#newEntry");
var entry = $newEntry.val();

rootRef.child(entry).setWithPriority(true, highestPriority+1000);



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