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There is given many components of java. They are otherwise called java trendy expressions. The Java Features given beneath are straightforward and straightforward.


Question Oriented

Stage free



Engineering nonpartisan








As indicated by Sun, Java dialect is straightforward on the grounds that:

linguistic structure depends on C++ (so less demanding for developers to learn it after C++).

expelled many confounding or potentially once in a while utilized components e.g., express pointers, administrator over-burdening and so forth.

No compelling reason to evacuate unreferenced objects in light of the fact that there is Automatic Garbage Collection in java.

Question situated

Question situated means we sort out our product as a mix of various sorts of articles that consolidates both information and conduct.

Question situated programming(OOPs) is a strategy that disentangle programming improvement and support by giving a few tenets.

Essential ideas of OOPs are:







Stage Independent

A stage is the equipment or programming environment in which a program runs.

There are two sorts of stages programming based and equipment based. Java gives programming based stage.

The Java stage varies from most different stages as in it is a product construct stage that keeps running in light of the highest point of other equipment based stages. It has two parts:

Runtime Environment

API(Application Programming Interface)

Java code can be keep running on numerous stages e.g. Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, Mac/OS and so forth. Java code is ordered by the compiler and changed over into bytecode. This bytecode is a stage autonomous code since it can be keep running on different stages i.e. Compose Once and Run Anywhere(WORA).


Java is secured in light of the fact that:

No express pointer

Java Programs keep running inside virtual machine sandbox

Classloader: includes security by isolating the bundle for the classes of the nearby document framework from those that are foreign made from system sources.

Bytecode Verifier: checks the code sections for illicit code that can abuse get to ideal to objects.

Security Manager: figures out what assets a class can get to, for example, perusing and keeping in touch with the neighborhood circle.

These security are given by java dialect. Some security can likewise be given by application engineer through SSL, JAAS, Cryptography and so forth.


Vigorous just means solid. Java utilizes solid memory administration. There are absence of pointers that stays away from security issue. There is programmed trash accumulation in java. There is exemption taking care of and sort checking system in java. Every one of these focuses makes java hearty.

Design nonpartisan

There is no execution subordinate components e.g. size of primitive sorts is settled.

In C programming, int information sort possesses 2 bytes of memory for 32-bit engineering and 4 bytes of memory for 64-bit design. Be that as it may, in java, it possesses 4 bytes of memory for both 32 and 64 bit structures.


We may convey the java bytecode to any stage.


Java is quicker than customary understanding since byte code is "close" to local code still to some degree slower than an incorporated dialect (e.g., C++)


We can make dispersed applications in java. RMI and EJB are utilized for making disseminated applications. We may get to records by calling the strategies from any machine on the web.


A string resemble a different program, executing simultaneously. We can compose Java programs that arrangement with many errands without a moment's delay by characterizing various strings. The principle preferred standpoint of multi-threading is that it doesn't possess memory for every string. It shares a typical memory territory. Strings are vital for multi-media, Web applications and so forth.

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