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Scala is statically typed and strongly object-oriented, uses curly-brace syntax reminiscent of C, and compiles code into Java bytecode, allowing Scala code to be run on the JVM and permitting Java libraries to be freely called from Scala (and vice-versa) without the need for a glue layer in-between.

Compared with Java, Scala adds many features of functional programming languages like Scheme, Standard ML and Haskell, including anonymous functions, type inference, list comprehensions (known in Scala as "for-comprehensions"), lazy initialization, extensive language and library support for side-effect-less code, pattern matching, case classes, delimited continuations, higher-order types, much better support for covariance and contravariance than in Java, etc. Scala also provides a unified type system (as in C#, but unlike in Java), where all types, including primitive types like integers and booleans, are objects that are subclasses of the type Any. Scala likewise contains a number of other features present in C# but not Java, including operator overloading, optional parameters, named parameters, raw strings (that may be multi-line voguish Scala), and no checked exceptions.

The name Scala is a mixture of "scalable" and "language", signifying that it is designed to grow with the demands of its users. James Strachan, the creator of Groovy, described Scala as a possible successor to Java.

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Basic example of Scala programming is as follows :


object NewtonsMethod {

def main(args: Array[String]) {

* A "driver" function to test Newton's method.
* Start with (a) the desired f(x) and f'(x) equations,
* (b) an initial guess and (c) tolerance values.
def driver {
// the f(x) and f'(x) functions
val fx = (x: Double) => 3*x + math.sin(x) - math.pow(math.E, x)
val fxPrime = (x: Double) => 3 + math.cos(x) - math.pow(Math.E, x)
val initialGuess = 0.0
val tolerance = 0.00005
// pass f(x) and f'(x) to the Newton's Method function, along with
// the initial guess and tolerance
val answer = newtonsMethod(fx, fxPrime, initialGuess, tolerance)

* Newton's Method for solving equations.
* @todo check that |f(xNext)| is greater than a second tolerance value
* @todo check that f'(x) != 0
def newtonsMethod(fx: Double => Double,
fxPrime: Double => Double,
x: Double,
tolerance: Double): Double = {
var x1 = x
var xNext = newtonsMethodHelper(fx, fxPrime, x1)
while (math.abs(xNext - x1) > tolerance) {
x1 = xNext
println(xNext) // debugging (intermediate values)
xNext = newtonsMethodHelper(fx, fxPrime, x1)

* This is the "x2 = x1 - f(x1)/f'(x1)" calculation
def newtonsMethodHelper(fx: Double => Double,
fxPrime: Double => Double,
x: Double): Double = {
x - fx(x) / fxPrime(x)


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