Top 10 Websites to use to Hire Java Developers

If you are looking for direct sourcing solutions and the top 10 websites to use to hire java developers, then you are at the right place. In 1995, a man named James Gosling had this brilliant idea of making electronic devices interact with each other. The seed was sown in the early 90s and many years were spent creating a language that would do so. The final product was released in 1995 for the rest of the world and is known today as Java, the most commonly used programming language globally!

If you are looking for direct sourcing solutions and the top 10 websites to use to hire java developers

Justifying the Java hype 

According to the survey by Stack Overflow conducted in 2021, Java bagged the first position for the 9th time as the most-used programming language. Developers who are in their nascent stages prefer using Java to progress in their careers. However, not everyone has the required expertise, which poses a challenge to recruiters looking to hire Java developers. 

Java is a programming language that most computing platforms use for application development. From mobile phones to supercomputers, most of the devices in this world use JavaScript. Its USP is that it is a fast, secure, and reliable platform that can be used to:

  • Create enterprise software
  • Develop mobile applications
  • Provide big data analytics
  • Develop android applications
  • Programming for hardware devices

For recruiters, there are ample websites they can use to hire Java developers, depending on their methodologies and budgets. Read on further to know 10 of those websites. 

Top 10 websites to use to hire Java developers

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The following are a few websites recruiters can use to find the best talent in the Java world. 


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TestGorilla is a platform that makes the selection process easier with its range of screening tests. Recruiters can make informed and transparent decisions, free from bias. When you look to hire a Java developer, TestGorilla has a Java coding test ready that assesses the performance and capabilities of the candidate. 

Some of the advantages of using TestGorilla are:

Predict job performance

The screening tests on the platform are all scientifically backed. So when you request a candidate to take one, you know that the results are giving accurate insights into the candidate’s persona. Coding tests, personality tests, skill-based tests and much more will help you know the competence of the person behind the application. 

Create high-quality and customizable screening tests

You can create tests that highlight your company and brand value. You can further add in questions as you require and create a customized sheet for interested candidates. Company logo, color, custom questions and everything else can be applied to develop a test that works in your favor.

Provide a positive candidate experience

The tests on TestGorilla can be accessed from any device, and no login is required. You also get reports and analytics showing you who your strongest candidates are. A smooth application and selection experience is guaranteed from the beginning to the end. 


Glassdoor is a platform that provides insights on jobs and companies to applicants. It is more inclined towards the employee by providing information on the company’s performance, salaries, ratings and reviews, benefits, and even the company’s CEO. 

Most of the information on Glassdoor is provided by the people who know a company the best: the employers. Therefore, candidates on Glassdoor are more aware and thorough with their research. This is why recruiters turn to Glassdoor to find top-quality candidates who know their job responsibilities well, and you should too if you need Java developers. 


Craigslist is another platform dedicated to classified job advertisements. It is suitable for recruiters looking to hire Java developers from a specific location. Since applications will come in via email, Craigslist can be integrated with an Applicant Tracking System that will streamline incoming applications

The platform, when combined with advanced recruiting software, can help recruiters in the following ways:

  • Increased job exposure 
  • Easy collection and tracking of suitable candidates
  • Real-time feedback for candidates passing each stage
  • Easy scheduling and evaluation of candidates during interviews
  • Advanced analytics about your data and hiring activities.


UpWork is a global marketplace where you can find independent talent, especially freelancers looking for a job. It not only gives independence to freelancers in how they work, but also simplifies hiring for recruiters. If you’re looking for Java developers, you can filter your search and find talent with proof of quality through which you can assess their work and personality. 

Another benefit of using Upwork is that you pay only when you hire. If you find the right candidate, you can fix the price and pay only for the work you approve. You are also free from the stress of managing finances, as UpWork handles the billing and payment of freelancers. As a recruiter, you can control workflow and collaborate with UpWork for end-to-end support. 

Stack Overflow

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Stack Overflow is a Q&A forum dedicated to technical information and questions about coding. It is a platform that sees multiple visits from Java developers since issues related to technical problems and other Java topics are discussed here. It is not the ideal recruiting platform, but an unconventional way recruiters can use smartly to find candidates that are fit for the job. 

In the following ways, a recruiter can find talent on Stack Overflow:

  • Click on the user profile. The ranking indicates how active the user has been on the platform.
  • Reputation is a metric that lets you see which user has the most upvoted questions and answers. It further indicates the trust users on the platform have in the information a particular user provides. 
  • Top Tags indicate what a user ideally discusses on Stack Overflow. You can see the upvotes and downvotes on each activity of this user. Based on this, recruiters can filter out people based on their level of expertise.


Dice is a recruitment platform dedicated to finding the best minds in technology. You can post your job profile and find your strongest candidates. You can also boost your profile and create Java coding tests on Dice so that more people get to know about your requirements. It is easy to source talent as high traffic of Java developers is observed on Dice. 

You can also source services from Dice and let them do the screening and sourcing. This is an ideal option when you do not have the time and resources to sort through applications. Dice sourcing services can create a customized hiring campaign to find the perfect fit. Some of the benefits of using these services are:

  • Work with a dedicated team with years of experience
  • Create a customized hiring strategy
  • Less time taken to shortlist potential candidates


Startupers is a free online job posting site that tech companies and startups can use to find the needed talent. Although Startupers doesn’t charge a fee from recruiters, it does encourage users to sponsor their job board. All one needs to do is fill out a form on the website about the company, the applicant tracking system in use, and the industry buzzword.

Some of the benefits of using Startupers are:

  • It is an entirely free job posting site
  • Recruiters can find Java developers based on the nature of the job
  • It is an affordable platform that reputed companies use
  • Readily available customer support via phone or email. 


Hired is a platform that looks for talent beyond their applications. It uses custom matching software algorithms to connect interested applicants with recruiters. Java developers with specialized skill sets are easily discoverable on this platform. 

Some of the ways in which Hired can help recruiters are:

  • Curate a pool of highly-qualified candidates. These candidates are segmented based on experience, skill, and salary requirements.
  • Provide real-time skill assessment tests so recruiters can find their needed candidate sooner. 
  • Complete transparency about the candidates’ requirements, working hours, and other negotiable matters before hiring. 

People Per Hour

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People Per Hour is a UK-based freelancer platform where recruiters can hire people per hour or per-project basis. A recruiter must provide all the details about the job, and the software on People Per Hour will find candidates that are built for it. Freelancers on the other end get the opportunity to contact you with a better proposal if they have one in their hands.  


Freelancer is similar to how Upwork works. From professionals to newbies, recruiters can find people who meet their criteria. You can use the space to post coding projects and receive solutions and feedback from people interested in the job. Upon observing each applicant’s skillset, you can contact the Java developer who has thoroughly completed the project. 

In conclusion

Java continues to be in demand, and so are Java developers. Therefore, finding the ones that fit the bill is crucial for the company. The hunt for Java developers can be time-consuming, but the websites mentioned above will make it easy for you!

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