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Get the best C programming homework help from C experts. C is called the 'mother language' of all programming languages that’s why it is very important for every computer science student. But, many students find it really hard to understand and are unable to finish their C programming homework on time, and that is why we are here with our best C programming homework help.

C Programming Homework Help

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What is Of C Programming

C is a general-purpose, procedural computer programming language that supports statically programming, lexical variable scopes, and recursion. Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie created C in 1972 at Bell Labs. C is a very popular and flexible programming language. It is machine independent and can be used to develop several applications, such as, Python interpreter, oracle database, Git, etc. It is believed that if someone knows C, he can easily learn any other programming language. Moreover, C provides low level access to memory and constructs that map machine instructions.

An Example: Factorial of a Number Using Recursion

            #include <stdio.h>
            long int multiplyNumbers(int n);
            int main() {
                int n;
                printf("Enter a positive integer: ");
                printf("Factorial of %d = %ld", n, multiplyNumbers(n));
                return 0;

            long int multiplyNumbers(int n) {
            if (n>=1)
                return n*multiplyNumbers(n-1);
                return 1;
Enter a positive integer: 6
Factorial of 6 = 720

Suppose the user entered 6

Initially, multiplyNumbers() is called from main() 6 passed as an argument. Then, 5 is passed to multiplyNumbers() the same function (recursive call). In each recursive call, the value of argument n is decreased by 1. When the value of n is less than 1, there is no recursive call and the factorial is returned ultimately to the main() function.

Features of C Programming Language

C is a very popular programming language. It has the following main features.

Mid-level programming language

C is called a mid-level programming language. It can develop drivers, kernels, etc. It has the features of both low-level and high-level programming languages, C can be used for system programming as well as application programming that’s why it is called a mid-level programming language.


C is a portable or machine-independent language. We can execute C programs on different machines with minor changes.

Structured programming language

C program is breakable into parts by using functions that makes it easy to understand and reuse.

Memory Management

C supports dynamic memory allocation. That means the memory can be freed anytime by calling the free() function.

Rich Library

C has a very rich library as it has several inbuilt functions that help is fast development.


C has very fast execution and compilation time. Due to the lesser inbuilt function, it has less overhead.


Recursion is also supported in C. So, programmers can call the function within the function. It provides code reusability and backtracking.


C support pointer which can be used to interact with memory directly. Pointers can be used for memory, functions, structures, arrays, etc.


C language can easily adopt new features which makes it Extensible.

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Why Do Students Face Difficulty With C Programming Homework?

Several students find it challenging to complete their C language homework. There can be several reasons behind it. Some of the main reasons are as follows:-

Lack of C Programming Skills

One of the biggest reasons students struggle with their C programming homework is the lack of their programming skills. Due to this, some students cannot complete even simple C programming homework.

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Inadequate practice

Practice is the most important thing for learning any programming language. But, a majority of students do not practice daily. Due to which they are unable to complete their C programming homework assignments.

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