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This language is developed for the hardware to which you can directly interact, like kernels, drivers, and much more. C programming is the basic foundation of the other programming languages; therefore, it is called ‘mother language’ of all programming languages.

C is a legendary and extremely popular programming language which is still heavily used all around the world in 2020. Because C is the base language of most advanced computer languages, if you can learn and master C programming, then you can learn a variety of other languages more easily.

It's not hard to learn the C language conceptually, but actually doing it properly can be difficult. But that is true for any language with manual memory management, frankly. Besides, C is relatively low-level, so it lacks some quality of life improvements that more high-level languages might offer. So that is the reason why students face difficulties while doing the C programming assignment and they look for the online help.

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What Is the C Programming Language ?

The C programming language is a computer programming language that was developed to do system programming for the operating system UNIX and is an imperative programming language. C was developed in the early 1970s by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs. It is a procedural language, which means that people can write their programs as a series of step-by-step instructions. C is a compiled language.

C is highly portable and is used for scripting system applications which form a major part of Windows, UNIX, and Linux operating systems. C is a general-purpose programming language and can efficiently work on enterprise applications, games, graphics, and applications requiring calculations, etc.

Operators used in C programming Language

Operators are the most important key of any programming language. Thus the functionality of C language is incomplete without the use of operators. Operators allow us to perform different kinds of operations on operands. In C, operators can be categorized in following categories:

  • Arithmetic Operators (+, -, *, /, %, post-increment, pre-increment, post-decrement, pre-decrement)
  • Relational Operators (==, !=, >, <,>= & <=)
  • Logical Operators (&&, || and !)
  • Bitwise Operators (&, |, ^, ~,>> and <<)
  • Assignment Operators (=, +=, -=, *=, etc)
  • Other Operators (conditional, comma, sizeof, address, redirection)

Arithmetic Operators: These are used to perform arithmetic/mathematical operations on operands. The binary operators falling in this category are:

  • Addition: The ‘+’ operator adds two operands. For example, x+y.
  • Subtraction: The ‘-‘ operator subtracts two operands. For example, x-y.
  • Multiplication: The ‘*’ operator multiplies two operands. For example, x*y.
  • Division: The ‘/’ operator divides the first operand by the second. For example, x/y.
  • Modulus: The ‘%’ operator returns the remainder when the first operand is divided by the second. For example, x%y.

How To Write C Programming Assignment

  • Read the C programming syllabus carefully as soon as your teacher assigned you the assignment.
  • Start your C programming assignments early so that if you are stuck with programming later while doing your assignment, you can give yourself enough time to check that problem.
  • Do the work yourself: don't cheat from your friend's assignment.
  • Ask questions in class. Visit your professor's office hours and ask more questions.
  • Join a study group to get practice in discussing the material.
  • Above all, convince yourself that the material is fascinating and that you love it. That makes it easier to spend time thinking about it.

Topics covered in Our C Programming Assignment Help

Our C Language's expert additionally spread all themes that identified with C Programming, for example,

  • Functions and problem statements
  • C file structure, factors
  • Writing, editing and checking programs
  • Groups, sorting, and searching algorithms
  • Multidimensional displays, Pointers to pointers, stacks, and lines.
  • Limit pointers, hash table, and Preprocessor macros.
  • Using and making libraries, B-trees, and priority queues
  • data types and constants; variables, identifiers, and declarations; operators and expressions
  • arrays, more about declarations (incl. initialization), functions
  • assignment, increment, and decrement operators; character I/O; strings
  • C preprocessor
  • pointers, strings
  • array/pointer equivalence, memory allocation, more about strings
  • command line, file I/O

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Our C programming Assignment Sample

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