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What Is C Programming?

C is a powerful, procedural, high-level, and general-purpose computer programming language. C was developed at Bell Laboratories in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. It is a widely used language to create operating systems, compilers, databases, etc. The features like low-level memory access, clean syntax, simple keywords, reliability make this language the best choice for programmers. It can directly communicate with hardware devices and execute programs quickly.

C Program To Display The ASCII Value Of A Character


#include <stdio.h> int main() {
char y;
//Getting input
printf("Enter a character: ");
scanf("%c", &y);
// %c is to displays the actual character
// %d is to display the integer value of a character
printf("ASCII value of %c is %d", y, y);
return 0;


Enter a character: T
ASCII value of T is 84

Advantages of C Programming language

  • C language serves as a building block for different programming languages
  • C language includes an extensive range of data types and dominant operators
  • C programs are quick, effective, and easy to understand
  • C language programs are compact and can be used on low specification systems
  • C language can also be used for system programming

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Below we have mentioned some of the C homework topics covered by our experts:

  • C Switch Case Programs
  • C String Manipulation Programs
  • Looping Programs
  • Star and Pyramid Programs
  • Pointer Programs
  • Array Programs
  • Recursion Programs
  • Linked lists, trees
  • Multidimensional arrays, Pointers to pointers, stacks and queues
  • Using and creating libraries, B-trees, and priority queues
  • Function pointers, hash table
  • Binding Time Analysis
  • Data Flow Analysis
  • Separate Program Analysis
  • C Preprocessor
  • Bit Operations

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C Homework Help FAQs

We cover all topics that fall under the C programming homework. We have already provided help on C Switch Case Programs, C String Manipulation Programs, Looping Programs, Star and Pyramid Programs, Pointer Programs, Array Programs, Recursion Programs, Linked lists, trees, and much more.
Yes, we do, but it is available seasonally as well as occasionally. So you have to confirm it from our support team to get any discount.
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